The National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy

We ask firmly:
Her Majesty Queen Margareta of Romania on the Throne!

Romanians love their country, their Kings and their Kingdom tradition, as well as the democratic parliamentary system that guarantees free debates and free decisions regarding the nation. The Romanian Republic - lead by Presidents elected through fake news campaigns - is a tyrannical, corrupt, haotic and artificially poor form of State, imposed by the Communists and the Soviet military occupants via the coup in December 30th, 1947, continued to day by their followers after the 1989 events, without any nation-wide consultation. It has no connection with the natural rights and freedoms enshrined in our traditional Fundamental Law, the 1923 Constitution of the Romanian Kingdom. Today's Republic is not our true country!

What should we do? ANRM proposes five practical steps to restore the Constitutional Monarchy in Romania.